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Repairing and replacing don’t need to be devastating when we cover your home structures. You never know what might happen to your home, which is why we take the uncertainty out with our Buildings Insurance.

Comprehensive Buildings Insurance

Here are just some of parts of your structure that we insure you against:

  • damage to your garages, outbuildings, swimming pool, walls, windows, domestic accommodation, and gates
  • damage caused by events like fires, earthquakes, floods, burst pipes, falling trees (but not if they are being felled), aircraft and objects falling from them, land subsidence, and more
  • malicious damage
  • break-in and theft
  • liability cover for the owner of the building and domestic employees
  • You get all our Assist Benefits, including:
    • Medical Assist: We’re just a click and a dial away when you need medical assistance. You have access to our 24-hour hotline for telephonic emergency medical advice.
    • Road Assist: Be sure that you won’t be left stranded with our emergency roadside assistance.
    • Trauma Assist: If you’ve gone through a traumatic event, you need all the certainty you can get. With our Trauma Assist, we’ll help you and your family with our nationwide network of over 110 trauma centres.
    • Home Assist: If you have a home emergency, we’ll cover the call-out fee and one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, locksmiths, electricians, and more.
    • Legal Assist: If you need qualified legal assistance, our experts are just a dial away.

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